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Have Kids, Will…Act Like a Crazy Sports Fan

Are you a crazy sports fan?  It’s okay if you are–there are plenty of you out there–and you know who you are.  You’re the very enthusiastic spectator who wears the team colors either in clothing or body paint, often from head to toe.  You enter a stadium with your heart racing and feet bouncing.  You jump up from the sofa and scream at the TV when you’re home watching a game.  You cry when your team loses.  You do cartwheels and beer bongs when they win.  Okay, maybe not beer bongs, but you feel a very real and personal connection to your favorite players.  I get it.

Normally, I am not one of you.  I clap and cheer, but without any real attachment to a specific team or player of any sport.  Well, yesterday I crossed over to your world.  My son’s high school lacrosse team played for the state championship title of their division, and it was an awesome game!  Wearing my team colors, I was jumping up, arms raised, shouting until I had to gasp for air.  Another son who was sitting beside me giggled a “Mom…”

There’s something about witnessing the intensity of competition among a bunch of capable athletes that is truly impressive.  The boys, many of whom I’ve known since they were eight, were playing hard and playing well.  It was wonderful!  When they won, 8-4, there were tears of joy in many parents’ eyes, lots of hugging and high-fiving in the stadium and on the field. While I can’t say I’m a complete convert, I will embrace my crazy sports fan personna any time my kids are part of the game, and I will love it!


Have Kids, Will… Be Grateful

 To say that motherhood changes everything is to make a blanket statement that smothers all the sparkle, magic, and heart-bursting emotion that motherhood brings.  It also skirts around the frustration, sleep deprivation, and agonizing self-doubt that mothers experience.  The statement is essentially true, but so incredibly vague that it doesn’t come close to touching the all-consuming changes that do take place when we become mothers.

In the fabulous book, Glitter and Glue, Kelly Corrigan writes, “Raising people is not some lark.  It’s serious work with serious repercussions.”  Can you feel the gravity of that statement?  There are serious repercussions if we screw this up. On the other hand, there are serious perks to providing our children with the love, support, and compassion that, frankly, is their birthright.  

Anne Morrow Lindbergh once wrote, “I am most anxious to give my own children enough love and understanding so that they won’t grow up with an aching void in them…”  What both of these ladies emphasize is so important.  It’s our duty as parents to make sure our kids become the best versions of themselves when they are adults–kind, ethical, responsible, loving, socially conscious people.  What an enormous task that is!

So, this Mothers’ Day, I want to express my sincerest gratitude for all the women out there who work tirelessly and with awareness of the task at hand.  I consider myself to be in great company as I parent alongside some of the most  incredible moms in the world.  Ladies, you rock!