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Have Kids, Will…Run!


When I first started running, I absolutely hated it but couldn’t deny how great I felt afterward.  Once I overcame the feeling of having cement blocks for feet,  I was hooked–as in, I now get antsy and itchy feeling if I don’t run at least three days a week.  For me, the trick to running is to carve that time out of the day and to do it without my kids.  I know there are plenty of people out there who run with their children, or run alongside them while they ride bikes or scooters or something.  I’ve tried that.  My kids are cut from an all-or-nothing cloth, which means if I’m not giving them my undivided attention when we’re out together, all hell breaks loose.  Plus, when I go for a run I like to keep going and develop my pace without stopping to look at pine cones and dog poop along the way.

Running has become a cathartic activity for me, whether I’m going three miles or thirteen.  And even though I’m not willing to share that particular time with my children, it does make me a kinder, more patient mother when I return.  Those miles help me to pound out frustrations, think through problems, or simply meditate.  Yes, you can meditate while running!  The solitude lets me turn inward without interruption, while also improving my health (see, aren’t mothers always multitasking?).

I just finished my third half-marathon last weekend and have signed up for two more.  It really is addictive!  Sometimes I run with friends who are also mothers and we talk about our children, husbands, and life.  It gives us a chance to log in some slow, easy miles together while we catch up on each other’s lives–more multitasking!  When I get home I feel recharged, and my kids enjoy seeing what kind of goodies I’ve brought back from the races.  We won’t get awarded any medals for being moms, and that’s okay, but it is a lot of fun to show our kids that moms can win medals.



Have Kids, Will…Write!

This is the launch of a new blog for me; it will focus on all the things I’m struggling to do outside of my duties as MOM.  Most of these can and should coincide with motherhood, as many women function as wives, mothers, and employees (or members of the self-employed).  I’m currently maintaining a blog and doing some marketing for my husband’s general contracting business, of which I am technically a partner.  However, I have other interests and activities unrelated to home building for which I scrape together snippets of time.  I hope you’ll join me on my journey to explore some of  life’s offerings,  while I also work to shape my four sons into kind, compassionate, self-sufficient men.

A little background information: my husband and I have known each other since high school, but didn’t start dating until we were in college.  We have four sons, whose ages currently range from 6 to 16.  I think we are good parents, but our boys might think otherwise.  We are strict about working hard in school, doing chores, and being kind.  We are not-so-strict about using curse words, listening to loud music, or getting dirty.  Welcome to our chaos!

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